Flight Attendant

I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the picture of Flight Attendant on HBO Max. This isn’t a show that I normally would watch, but the plot line intrigued me and I wanted to watch something that my wife and I could both enjoy. The series follows Cassie, Kaley Cuoco, a wild flight attendant whose life is filled with drinking and pleasure seeking. During a flight, she meets a passenger and has a brief kissing affair with him in the airplane lavatory before resuming her flight attendant duties. When the plane lands, she hooks up with the passenger, named Alex, Darios from Game of Thrones, and they have a dalliance in a penthouse hotel. Cassie wakes up the next morning and discovers Alex in bed next to her with his throat slit and blood everywhere. Cassie then begins to make one bumbling foolish decision after another as she attempts to cover up that she was with the dead man. Her various actions throughout the first three episodes, which make little to know sense, leads to some funny scenes. Flight Attendant is a mix of a mature themed dramedy, mystery, thriller. My wife and I are three episodes in so far, and I am in it for the duration. It’s funny because Cassie is very much like an even more over the top version of Penny from the Big Bang Theory, except she definitely has a dark side that is just beginning to be explored. SPEND THE CASH on this one.

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