If you like Omari Hardwick from POWER, then his presence alone will be enough for you to see this film. SPELL is actually a pretty good mystery/horror film. Hardwick’s character Marquis is a wealthy business man who learns his father, whom he hated because of abuse has died. Marquis flies his family, wife, daughter and son in his private plane to the funeral, but they crash during a storm. He wakes up in a bed, on the farm of an older couple Eloise and Earl, who said they found him in the crash. He asks for his family, but they say that nobody was with him. Marquis soon discovers that the couple practices some form of Christian/Voodoo and he witnesses and experiences some strange and painful events at the hands of Eloise and the Boogedy that she makes of him. The movie reminds me of play Misty for Me or the classic Misery, but with a supernatural twist. You figure out what is going on pretty early, but watching Marquis try to get out of his situation is engaging. You can definitely SPEND THE CASH on this film, but make sure it is the rental price and not the full price of admission.

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