The Midnight sky

George Clooney directs and stars in this film as an astrophysicist named Augustine who monitors the heavens for a returning spaceship the Aether, which was on a deep space mission to discover a habitable planet for humanity. While in the Artic, the Earth suffers a catastrophe, and the human race is dying. Many of the researchers at the outpost choose to leave the facility, so they can spend their remaining days alive with their families. Augustine chooses to stay, so he can warn the Aether to turn around and go back to the planet they have discovered. Augustine soon discovers that he is not alone, and a young girl has somehow stayed behind. Now he has to watch her, and keep her safe as he has to trek across the frozen wasteland of the Artic to another research base miles away that has the proper equipment that will allow him to communicate with the incoming space vessel. The movie follows both Augustine on the ground, and the crew on the spaceship who are oblivious to the events that have unfolded on Earth. This is not a popcorn movie, but a strong character driven tale, that finds elements of hope, joy and friendship in brief moments as the characters struggle to survive the dangers on Earth and in space. Spend the Cash on this one! Grade B+

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