Wayne: an amazon prime series

A friend of mine recommended this wild show. I liked it, although I struggled trying to fit the program into a particular genre. I would classify this show as an action packed, road trip, innocent teen romance, dramedy, mixed in with some extreme violence. The premise of the show is a about a 16 year old boy named Wayne who lives in Brockton, Massachusetts. Wayne is the neighborhood protector of those who are treated poorly and he uses his fists and other means to give payback to those who mistreat others. Although Wayne stands up for people, it doesn’t mean he is this super fighter. He is often getting pummeled for his efforts, but that never stops him. As a matter of fact, I am starting to believe he suffers from Congenital Insensitivity, a disease where a person doesn’t feel pain. Wayne meets a 15 year old girl named Del, who has her own issues with her family and the death of her mom. After an awkward meeting over buying and selling cookies, and an even weirder interaction in his bedroom, they decided to date. Wayne’s father dies of cancer, and after giving him a Vikings funeral in his home, yes it is strange, Wayne and Del decide to travel by dirt bike to Florida, where his mom, who abandon him at five resides with her boyfriend who stole Wayne’s dad’s 1979 Gold Camero. Wayne’s mission is to go down to Florida and retrieve the Camero, which his dad had wanted to pass down to him. Along the journey Wayne and Del meet a host of colorful and funny characters, while being pursued by Del’s obsessively protective father, and her two older twin brothers. They are also being followed by the depressed school principal that hates kids and his job with Wayne’s friend Orlando, and also two funny, but strange police officers from Brockton, Mass. Wayne and Del meet a few other colorful characters that make this one of the most memorable, fun, tragic, and violent shows I have seen, yet the love between Wayne and Del is innocent and free of any sex whatsoever. In order to classify it in my mind, to me this show is very much like a highly rated R version of, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (except no super hero powers here), Shameless (excluding the shamelessness and sex) and weirdly Everybody Hates Chris. I know it is a strange combination but it works. The budding romance between Wayne and Del is cute, powerful and it just works and I was pulling for them throughout the show. It runs 10 episodes, and I blew threw them in one day, yes that is a lot of tv, but I still managed to get in 20K steps! Wayne is truly a show I would SPEND THE CASH on!

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