wonder woman 1984

I loved the first Wonder Woman movie, and I enjoyed Wonder Woman’s roles in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman 1984, drops the ball on what could have been another outstanding outing for Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The film takes place in 1984. The director gets everything right, the clothing, cars, attitudes, music, culture, everything screams 1980s. This was one of the coolest aspects of the movie. The story revolves around an artifact called the Dream Stone, which grants wishes to a person, but exacts a price in exchange. Wonder Woman, her friend Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and the main villain, Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) make wishes that began to have effects on themselves and people around them. Wonder Woman’s wish brings back her old flame Steve Trevor from the first Wonder Woman movie. Maxwell Lord starts to make wishes to make him the most powerful person on Earth with Wonder Woman in hot pursuit. Although, why didn’t Maxwell just wish all his enemies to be gone, including Wonder Woman? Minerva makes a wish that leads her to becoming Tigris. Her storyline just seemed to center on her gaining power over a man that harassed her on the street. Wonder Woman had potential, but the story just didn’t work. Nevertheless, Gal Gadot is still awesome as Wonder Woman, but she didn’t have much to work with. The most interesting story line in the film, actually was the interaction between Maxwell Lord and his young son, who was vying for his attention. The last ten minutes when Maxwell realizes his son may be killed and he sacrifices everything to get to him tugged on my heart strings, but that is about all that elevated my emotions with this film. Audiences have higher expectations for their superhero fare these days and Wonder Woman doesn’t deliver. Just because the movie is made in the 1980s doesn’t mean it has to follow 1980s superhero storytelling. Wonder Woman 1984 is like a mix of Superman III with Richard Pryor, Batman Forever, with Jim Carrey, and the Amazing Spider Man 2 with Jamie Foxx. All three of those movies tried to make their movies funny by bringing in comedians, and they failed. Wonder Woman follows this same path, without a comedian, and the results are the same…fail! Wonder Woman 1984 is too hokey, and the story too weak to spend cash on! MAKE THE DASH! Grade D.