The Third Day

The Third Day is a six episode limited series, that is one of the weirdest shows I have ever watched. Jude Law plays a character named Sam, who lives in England. Sam is out near a river mourning the death of his son, who had been murdered years before by an immigrant. As he reflects on his sons death, he is startled by the voice of children. He goes to investigate and stumbles on a teenager named Epona who has just attempted suicide by hanging herself. Sam saves her, and takes her home. Epona lives on a small island called Osea, which is only accessible by a 2 mile long winding, causeway. A causeway is a road that goes across a water way, that is accessible for a time before being covered by water. The causeway in Osea is open for four hours and then it is closed because the road is then completely covered by water. (Special note- the island of Osea and the causeway really exists!) Once Sam arrives on the island, the people act strangely towards him, and seem to hide Epona when he tries to check on her, which makes him suspicious. Epona’s father seems bent on hurting him for some reason, and Sam prepares to leave the island, only to be trapped when the causeway recedes. Sam soon discovers that there is more to the island of Osea and its inhabitants than he could ever have imagined. Although he wants to depart the island, and leave the mysteries of Osea unsolved, every attempt to leave the island is thwarted. After three episodes, you may wonder where the show is going, but if you power through to the sixth episode, the ending will be satisfying to say the least. If you have exhausted all of your shows, and are looking for something to take you through the weekend, then it is okay to Spend the Cash on this one. Grade C+.