Power Book 2: Ghost

Power was my show, I loved Ghost, Tommy and the world they lived in, while they tried to balance family, brotherhood and crime. As wild as the show got, the characters had a sense of believability about them, and the stories seemed grounded in reality. Although they were ruthless criminals and murders, the show was able to make them likable and interesting. Power Book 2: Ghost on the other hand is just not believable to me. Power Book 2: Ghost follows Tariq after the events in Power. Somehow, Tariq is now becoming a major player in drug game, and continues to manipulate and demonstrate that he is smarter than anyone around him. Unfortunately, I just can’t buy it. I just can’t suspend my disbelief that Tariq is this high level drug dealer, who just appears to have inherited his dad’s drug game genius without having to do the serious work to get to his dad’s level. I wasn’t a fan of Tariq as Power moved towards its twilight, and I really didn’t like his character. Nothing against the actor Michael Rainey himself, just the way the character is written, and the same hold true here. Power Book 2: Ghost is weak, and they should have let the series end on a high note with the season finale of Power. I am Dashing from this one!