SOUL is a quaint story of a Jazz musician who has never gotten his big break, and goes through life as a part time music teacher with unfulfilled potential. Minutes into the story, Joe comes to a crossroad, where he is given the offer of a full time job as a middle school band teacher, or a once and a life time opportunity to play with a well renowned Jazz saxophonist. Unfortunately, Joe dies before he gets to make his choice, and on his way to the “Great Beyond”, he escapes and arrives to the “Great Before”, where conspires with 22, a pre-soul that has not been placed in a body to escape back to Earth to get his body back. Some funny hijinks occur, which involve a body switch with a cat, and a soulful tale is born! SOUL has beautiful music and a nice moral story about selfishness, giving to others and pursuing your purpose in life. It didn’t knock my socks off, but it had some funny moments, good story and great animation. I would SPEND THE CASH on this film. Grade B