Kindred is a weird slow moving thriller about a young woman named Charlotte who becomes pregnant. Charlotte doesn’t want the baby, due to her mom being mentally ill and not a good mother, but her boyfriend is excited about having the baby. As Charlotte mulls over whether she is going to terminate the pregnancy, her boyfriend is killed in a tragic accident. The boyfriend’s mother and step brother, who are wealthy and live in a mansion take Charlotte in to live after she begins to experience hallucinations and losses of time. Over time Charlotte discovers that she is not necessarily a guest, but a prisoner as they try to keep her bedridden until she comes to term. The mystery of the film for the viewer is to figure out if Charlotte is becoming mentally unstable or is the family doing something to her. The movie was intriguing, had a good story, but it just dragged a bit. I would DASH from this film and wait until its free on one of the movie channels or streaming networks.