Underwater gets rolling five minutes into the movie, with explosions and water cascading everywhere as Norah (Kristen Stewart), who minutes before was brushing her teeth, attempts to escape the seven mile sea deep mining facility where she works and calls home. After several near death experiences, she reunites with surviving crew members, and they make their plan to escape the doomed underwater mining rig. This all occurs in the first ten minutes! The survivors discover deep sea diving gear and use that to exit the collapsing rig. Once they get outside, they realize that there is more going on than they thought, and their sigh of relief upon getting away from the mining rig is short lived. Norah and her fellow survivors attempt to traverse one mile of treacherous landscape in the Mariana Trench, the deepest part on the Earth, trying to find sanctuary on another mining station. During their near pitch black journey across the ocean floor, they attempt to fend off an unknown foe that picks them off one by one. Underwater is a claustrophobic, action pick that borrows heavily from Alien and The Abyss, but it is well worth SPENDING THE CASH on this film.