Fast Color

I have circled around this movie showing on Amazon Prime, for a few months. The premise seemed interesting, but I always seemed to find something better to watch instead. Last night I finally clicked the link and gave it a shot. I liked the backdrop world for Fast Color, which involved the Earth going through an 8 year drought, in which no rain has fallen on the planet. The film is set in present day, and the world is on the verge of collapse with grocery stories barely stocked with any food stuffs and water selling for high prices. Although the world is teetering, everything is much like we know today, everything still functions, there is law and order, but there is just less, and everything is dirty. Think the COVID toilet paper shortage, but with everything. Now this by far was the most interesting aspect of the film. Now the film starts off with Ruth (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) on the run, from who knows what, and she takes temporary shelter in a seedy hotel. All of a sudden she begins to seizure, and a tremendous earthquake, rocks the hotel and surrounding areas. Eventually we discover she is being pursued by the government who is aware of her abilities, and are attempting to capture her for experiments. (The movie never explains any of this.) Ruth returns to her mom’s house that she left years ago when she was addicted to drugs. There is tension in the household because we learn that Ruth also had a daughter that she abandoned when she left her mom’s house. The movie then sheds light on the fact that Ruth’s powers are generational, and are passed down from mother to daughter. The power manifests as colors, which they can use to reconstruct and build things. For a reason we learn later, Ruth’s powers are blocked, which cause her seizures and the earthquakes. The rest of the movie, is more about the reconnection of Ruth with her mother, and her now pre-teen daughter. She attempts to reconcile with her mom, while trying to teach her daughter to avoid the mistakes she made. I liked the premise of the film, but it moved slowly, and left many story angles dangling that would have been exciting to pursue. How did the government learn about her? Why was she running? What led to the drought? So many questions, but the creators of the movie seemed more interested in the reconnecting relationship with Ruth and her family, than exploring the bigger issues. Nothing wrong with that, but if left me feeling that the film was incomplete. YOU CAN SAVE THE CASH AND DASH ON THIS ONE! Grade D+