The MandAlorian season 2: Ashoka Tano (Episode 5)

Live Action Ashoka
Clone Wars Ashoka

I have heard many people who are just general fans of Star Wars say they have enjoyed the Mandalorian, but true deep fans of Star Wars have found a true love for the show, and season 2 has continued to bring exciting Star Wars level experiences. If you have been a fan of the animated Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels, then the last three episodes of the Mandalorian 3-5, are going to take you to Star Wars heaven. The big payoff comes in episode 5 as one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars animated universe makes her live action debut, and I am not talking about the awesome Bo Katan played by Katee Sackhoff who did a remarkable job portraying Bo Katan, the character she played in the animated Clone Wars and Rebels. True Star Wars fans rejoice! Ashoka Tano has arrived in all of her live action glory and she is amazing! Rosario Dawson does a fantastic job of bringing Ashoka to life. I have to admit I got emotional watching the first few minutes of the episode seeing a live Ashoka Tano wielding her twin light sabers. The history and the universe that has been created beyond the movies is rich, colorful and full of amazing stories, and now the animated and live action Star Wars Universe are finally connected. Hats off to Dave Filoni, John Favereau and George Lucas for having the grit to bring her to live action.

The actual episode itself was good as the Mandalorian, and Baby Yoda meet Ashoka as she battles a local warlord called the Magistrate. The Mandalorian’s quest and purpose from the beginning has been to deliver Baby Yoda to a Jedi. However, The Mandalorian learns a few things, one of which is Baby Yoda’s real name, and that his story his much deeper than he could have imagined. After helping Ashoka with the Magistrate, The Mandalorian discovers that his quest is not at an end, but is only just beginning. For fans of Star Wars lore, this episode is chock full of Easter eggs and information related to the Clone Wars and Rebels. Definitely SPEND THE CASH to see this!