Lovecraft Country

Where did this show come from?! Imagine living in the South during the Jim Crow era in the 1950s, and being black. Frightening enough, but then add in magic, and monsters, and you have one heck of an intriguing and scary show, that has a Twilight Zone feel if it was filmed as a horror show. The show which airs on HBO, follows Atticus Freeman (Tic), who travels with his Uncle George and friend Letitia on the road as they map locations in the Southern states that are friendly or tolerate black people, think the Green Book. During their travels, they come across a truly terrifying racist sheriff, who along with his deputies, harass and threaten them until an even bigger threat rears its ugly head in the dark woods of the South. The adventure and mystery truly begins as Tic tries to survive the racism and violence of the Jim Crow South, while discovering his role in the machinations of a wealthy white family that seems to have magical powers. To say that this film shows a realistic portrayal of the South during the era of Jim Crow is an understatement. The tension is intense as our heroes travel from one town to the next trying to survive each encounter with the white community, until they run into the sheriff and realize there are even more horrible things than a murderous sheriff. This show plays on HBO and is four episodes in. The relationships between the characters is believable and heart wrenching as they try to find themselves in this new world. Tic who is a military veteran harbors a lot of anger, as he deals with his past relationship with his father, racism, and his attempts to understand his role with magic, but fortunately his anger is tempered by his Uncle and Letitia. I can relate to his character because he is an avid science fiction reader, and the opening scene Tic is reading “The Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs on the bus. This scene is parrallel to my own father, who was an army vet, and found “The Princess of Mars” on the bus, which got him into reading. My dad then shared the book with me when I was twelve and that got me into reading science fiction. Give Lovecraft Country a chance! Its heavy, has some explicit sex scenes and violence, but it is one of the most creative shows out there! SPEND the CASH!