Project Power

Project Power, where did this hidden Saturday Matinee gem on Netflix come from? The film revolves around a pharmaceutical company pushing a drug called “Power” into the streets of New Orleans to do human testing. “Power” gives humans who take it superpowers for five minutes, sometimes with good results and sometimes with devastating after effects. The film is an allegory to the selling of crack and cocaine in black communities during the early 80s. It is also a reference to the government sponsored Tuskegee Experiment, where American scientist used blacks as guinea pigs to determine the effects of syphilis. A young high school girl, actress Dominque Fishback is pursued by a former soldier, actor Jamie Foxx who is trying to find the source of “Power”. Although the film has some traditional tropes and it has a B movie vibe about it, the visuals are great and the superpowered fight scenes are creative and brutal. The final battle itself was pretty cool, or I should say hot! Netflix ranges from $8.99-$15.99 depending on your package, and has tons of movies and shows. Should you spend the cash or dash on Project Power? Spend the Cash!