Doom Patrol

A few years ago, Marvel blew away fans of superhero films by presenting a series of streamed superhero shows on Netflix that had realistic portrayals of heroes, with actual consequences, trauma and adult situations. The DC Universe has followed along with DOOM Patrol. Set in a universe where the Justice League and Batman exists, Doom Patrol is an odd grouping of individuals with powers that have traumatic experiences that led to their acquisition of powers. They are not really a superhero team, but a band of misfits that are recovering from their emotional and life altering experiences under the care of their Chief. The team consists of the Robot, a former Nascar driver, Larry Trainor, a former Air Force Pilot, Crazy Jane, a young twenty something with 64 personalities, Rita Farr a former actress, and the well known hero Cyborg. Under the care of The Chief, these five people try to heal their mental and emotional issues, while dealing with their tragic pasts, and present, and the various supervillians that pop up that are not necessarily after them, but their leader The Chief. The show is very quirky, dark and character driven, but it doesn’t take itself seriously whatsoever. I blew through the first season and a half in a few days! The first season villain, Mr. Nobody was hilarious. To me it is kind of a mix of THE BOYS and Umbrella Academy. It isn’t better than The Boys, but I like it better than the Umbrella Academy! If you are into this genre then definitely SPEND THE CASH!

Walking Dead: World Beyond

Okay, I am probably one of the few that is still watching The Walking Dead. I think the original series needs to hang up the hat now, and the spin offs shouldn’t be too far off. Walking Dead: The World Beyond is a new spin off of The Walking Dead, this show is just bad for a Walking Dead series. If this was Riverdale, or some other Teen Romance, show it would fit in, but watching this show is like watching a cross of Saved by the Bell and Walking Dead. The show centers on two teenage sisters that live in well off community during the zombie apocalypse and they are able to go to school have parties and all the good stuff, the original Walking Dead cast dreams about. Their dad who is working with a secret community maybe in trouble, so along with two other friends they venture out on a 1,481 mile trek from Nebraska to New York to find him. Never mind that they have real supplies, nor do they seem to take the Walkers, or as they call them Empties seriously. The four episodes I have watched so far, have spent more time with teen brooding, talking and flirting than actual action. The only interesting thing about the show so far has been the tie in with the CRM, Civic Republic Military, which seems to be crossing all three Walking Dead shows. Beyond that however, this show is a dud! I am Dashing from this one!

Power Book 2: Ghost

Power was my show, I loved Ghost, Tommy and the world they lived in, while they tried to balance family, brotherhood and crime. As wild as the show got, the characters had a sense of believability about them, and the stories seemed grounded in reality. Although they were ruthless criminals and murders, the show was able to make them likable and interesting. Power Book 2: Ghost on the other hand is just not believable to me. Power Book 2: Ghost follows Tariq after the events in Power. Somehow, Tariq is now becoming a major player in drug game, and continues to manipulate and demonstrate that he is smarter than anyone around him. Unfortunately, I just can’t buy it. I just can’t suspend my disbelief that Tariq is this high level drug dealer, who just appears to have inherited his dad’s drug game genius without having to do the serious work to get to his dad’s level. I wasn’t a fan of Tariq as Power moved towards its twilight, and I really didn’t like his character. Nothing against the actor Michael Rainey himself, just the way the character is written, and the same hold true here. Power Book 2: Ghost is weak, and they should have let the series end on a high note with the season finale of Power. I am Dashing from this one!

Hamilton the Review

Hamilton the world renowned Broadway Musical has made it to Disney Plus. Despite all of the hype, I was skeptical, because I admit I am not a big musical person. Now I will say that the West Side Story is my favorite musical of all time, and I have seen some good productions, but seeing a musical is not at the top of the list. Well I sat down and watched Hamilton, and it is OUTSTANDING, FANTASTIC, and REMARKABLE! Lin-Manuel Miranda, the center piece of the musical as Hamilton is also the creator, story writer composer and actor! The entire cast of Hamilton was amazing! Hamilton is the most exciting history lesson I have ever experienced, and I am a former Social Studies teacher! The musical uses creative combinations of rap, singing, rhythmic music and dance to tell an engaging and thorough review of the story and legacy of Alexander Hamilton one of the Founding Fathers. The musical story was so entertaining, I was bouncing and dancing on the couch for the entire two plus hour run time. Not only was it entertaining, but it peaked my interest in delving more into the history of Hamilton. This is how history should be taught! Grab a seat and SPEND THE CASH on Hamilton!

Antebellum Movie Review

The movie trailer for this film streaming on On Demand intrigued me, so I willing plunked down $20 to my internet service provider, so my wife and I could check it out. Antebellum stars Janelle Monae who plays a character called Eden, an enslaved black woman picking cotton on a plantation in the deep South during the Civil War. She endures a number of abuses at the hand of the General, and the underlings under his command. The film sets up like a classic movie showing the atrocities of slavery during the Civil War era until, Eden has a flashback and she is in modern day America with her family, hosting speaking engagements and living a very comfortable life! Record scratch, is this the Twilight Zone?! The idea behind this alone was the best part of the movie. I won’t ruin it, but Antebellum has a very creative story concept, but for some reason the film seemed to drag, the acting, besides Monae seemed mediocre, and it just didn’t pull me in. Should you spend your hard earned cash on this film? SAVE YOUR CASH and MAKE THE DASH on this one! It is worth seeing, but wait until its free!



A friend of mine recommended Utopia to me yesterday morning, which is airing on Amazon Prime. I finished the 8 episode season in 24 hours! The intro soundtrack is creepy and sets the tone, for this mysterious thriller which, I warn you has some grisly scenes. Utopia is a story about a group of friends who have never met, but they interact via internet chat rooms and text messaging. They read a macabre comic book titled Dystopia, which seems to portend real viral outbreaks in the present world. When the friends learn there is a sequel to Dystopia called Utopia, which is being offered for sale at a comic book convention, they all agree to meet up, and attempt to purchase the comic book, so they can unlock the secrets of Utopia. Unbeknownst to them, many people want the comic, and a few of the people that want it have a hidden agenda, and will use any means to obtain the comic. The friends are thrust into a chilling race for their lives as they try to survive and discover who wrote Utopia and why. If you are a fan of The Good Doctor, you will get a chuckle out of one of the characters, just imagine The Good Doctor gone bad. If you already have Amazon Prime, you will get your moneys worth with Utopia! SPEND THE CASH!

Spend the Cash!

Lovecraft Country

Where did this show come from?! Imagine living in the South during the Jim Crow era in the 1950s, and being black. Frightening enough, but then add in magic, and monsters, and you have one heck of an intriguing and scary show, that has a Twilight Zone feel if it was filmed as a horror show. The show which airs on HBO, follows Atticus Freeman (Tic), who travels with his Uncle George and friend Letitia on the road as they map locations in the Southern states that are friendly or tolerate black people, think the Green Book. During their travels, they come across a truly terrifying racist sheriff, who along with his deputies, harass and threaten them until an even bigger threat rears its ugly head in the dark woods of the South. The adventure and mystery truly begins as Tic tries to survive the racism and violence of the Jim Crow South, while discovering his role in the machinations of a wealthy white family that seems to have magical powers. To say that this film shows a realistic portrayal of the South during the era of Jim Crow is an understatement. The tension is intense as our heroes travel from one town to the next trying to survive each encounter with the white community, until they run into the sheriff and realize there are even more horrible things than a murderous sheriff. This show plays on HBO and is four episodes in. The relationships between the characters is believable and heart wrenching as they try to find themselves in this new world. Tic who is a military veteran harbors a lot of anger, as he deals with his past relationship with his father, racism, and his attempts to understand his role with magic, but fortunately his anger is tempered by his Uncle and Letitia. I can relate to his character because he is an avid science fiction reader, and the opening scene Tic is reading “The Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs on the bus. This scene is parrallel to my own father, who was an army vet, and found “The Princess of Mars” on the bus, which got him into reading. My dad then shared the book with me when I was twelve and that got me into reading science fiction. Give Lovecraft Country a chance! Its heavy, has some explicit sex scenes and violence, but it is one of the most creative shows out there! SPEND the CASH!

The Boys

You may be missing the best show on television right now if you are not watching The Boys on Amazon Prime! The Boys is a superhero show unlike anything you have ever seen! This is not DC, with Justice League, nor is this your family friendly Marvel Universe. This is a downright horrifying reality, that is the most realistic portrayal of superpowered beings that have ever been seen in movies or television! The reality in this world is centered on the idea that superpowered people exist in the United States and are controlled by a corporation called Vought. America’s most powerful superheroes are called the 7, and they go on missions, make movies, go on speaking engagements etc. It all seems good, until you realize there is a dark underbelly to their business. Just like people in real life the so called superheroes are people who indulge in their wildest whims because they have the power to do so, and a powerful corporation to cover up their shameful and even murderous activities. The protagonist in the film is a normal manned named Hughie, who is a gentle soul who has a girl friend. After the first ten minutes into season 1, his entire world and view of his superheroes is turned upside down. During season 1, he attempts to right the wrongs that were done to him by doing the right thing, but he eventually teams up with a group of deadly normal misfits, and things go from bad to worse. Season 2 continues Hughie’s misadventures as he struggles to stay alive and do what is right although he is up against America’s most powerful superheroes.

This is not a show for kids! There is gratuitous sex, violence and mayhem throughout the various episodes, yet there are some funny moments despite the gruesome factor. Unlike the movies, cartoons, and comic books, The Boys shows you the true effect of what being struck, hit or lasered by a superpowered person can do to the human body. If you are squeamish, this show may not be for you. This show is a combination of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dark Night, and a funny comedy rolled into one, and I love every minute of it. Its fun watching the show and being terrified whenever the good guys show up! Definitely SPEND the CASH on this one!

Tenet Movie Review

Christopher Nolan, the well know director of awesome films such as Memento, Inception, The Christian Bale Batman Movies, Dunkirk and Interstellar has struck again, with Tenet a mind blowing, cerebral, espionage film that has elements of James Bond and heavy doses of science fiction. John David Washington plays an unnamed CIA operative, who is recruited to help save the world after his own apparent demise. The action and fighting scenes are unique, creative and groundbreaking. I don’t want to reveal much about the plot, or the action pieces because this style of conflict and fighting has never been seen before. Christopher Nolan did his homework on how to pull this off before filming! There are so many things going on in this film, you may want to see it more than once, just to get a grasp on everything you are seeing. Should you Spend the Cash or Dash? Spend the Cash!

The Mandalorian Review

The Mandalorian is the first live action Star Wars TV show made exclusively for Disney Plus. The actor who plays the Mandalorian is Pedro Pascal, who is know for having his head crushed at the hands of the Mountain in Game of Thrones! Long live the Viper! For fans of Star Wars and just for people who like a good sci-fi or are fans of Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name Cowboy Trilogy this is the show for you! If you have been disappointed with recent Star Wars movies and are longing for the good’ol days then look no further! The Mandalorian follows the adventures of the bounty hunter called the Mandalorian. He uses his various skills to go on missions to accumulate money to help his clan of outcasts, until he comes across a “mark” that he just can’t take out. If you have watched recent news and media posts you may know who the “mark” is, but I won’t spoil it! The series of eight, thirty to forty minute episodes are filled with action, betrayal, laughs, Easter eggs for die hard Star Wars fans and sorrow. This show truly embraces the spirit of Star Wars! The only way to watch The Mandalorian is on Disney Plus, which costs $6.99 per month. Should you Spend the Cash or Dash? SPEND THE CASH!