Kindred is a weird slow moving thriller about a young woman named Charlotte who becomes pregnant. Charlotte doesn’t want the baby, due to her mom being mentally ill and not a good mother, but her boyfriend is excited about having the baby. As Charlotte mulls over whether she is going to terminate the pregnancy, her boyfriend is killed in a tragic accident. The boyfriend’s mother and step brother, who are wealthy and live in a mansion take Charlotte in to live after she begins to experience hallucinations and losses of time. Over time Charlotte discovers that she is not necessarily a guest, but a prisoner as they try to keep her bedridden until she comes to term. The mystery of the film for the viewer is to figure out if Charlotte is becoming mentally unstable or is the family doing something to her. The movie was intriguing, had a good story, but it just dragged a bit. I would DASH from this film and wait until its free on one of the movie channels or streaming networks.

Walking Dead: World Beyond

Okay, I am probably one of the few that is still watching The Walking Dead. I think the original series needs to hang up the hat now, and the spin offs shouldn’t be too far off. Walking Dead: The World Beyond is a new spin off of The Walking Dead, this show is just bad for a Walking Dead series. If this was Riverdale, or some other Teen Romance, show it would fit in, but watching this show is like watching a cross of Saved by the Bell and Walking Dead. The show centers on two teenage sisters that live in well off community during the zombie apocalypse and they are able to go to school have parties and all the good stuff, the original Walking Dead cast dreams about. Their dad who is working with a secret community maybe in trouble, so along with two other friends they venture out on a 1,481 mile trek from Nebraska to New York to find him. Never mind that they have real supplies, nor do they seem to take the Walkers, or as they call them Empties seriously. The four episodes I have watched so far, have spent more time with teen brooding, talking and flirting than actual action. The only interesting thing about the show so far has been the tie in with the CRM, Civic Republic Military, which seems to be crossing all three Walking Dead shows. Beyond that however, this show is a dud! I am Dashing from this one!

Hamilton the Review

Hamilton the world renowned Broadway Musical has made it to Disney Plus. Despite all of the hype, I was skeptical, because I admit I am not a big musical person. Now I will say that the West Side Story is my favorite musical of all time, and I have seen some good productions, but seeing a musical is not at the top of the list. Well I sat down and watched Hamilton, and it is OUTSTANDING, FANTASTIC, and REMARKABLE! Lin-Manuel Miranda, the center piece of the musical as Hamilton is also the creator, story writer composer and actor! The entire cast of Hamilton was amazing! Hamilton is the most exciting history lesson I have ever experienced, and I am a former Social Studies teacher! The musical uses creative combinations of rap, singing, rhythmic music and dance to tell an engaging and thorough review of the story and legacy of Alexander Hamilton one of the Founding Fathers. The musical story was so entertaining, I was bouncing and dancing on the couch for the entire two plus hour run time. Not only was it entertaining, but it peaked my interest in delving more into the history of Hamilton. This is how history should be taught! Grab a seat and SPEND THE CASH on Hamilton!

Antebellum Movie Review

The movie trailer for this film streaming on On Demand intrigued me, so I willing plunked down $20 to my internet service provider, so my wife and I could check it out. Antebellum stars Janelle Monae who plays a character called Eden, an enslaved black woman picking cotton on a plantation in the deep South during the Civil War. She endures a number of abuses at the hand of the General, and the underlings under his command. The film sets up like a classic movie showing the atrocities of slavery during the Civil War era until, Eden has a flashback and she is in modern day America with her family, hosting speaking engagements and living a very comfortable life! Record scratch, is this the Twilight Zone?! The idea behind this alone was the best part of the movie. I won’t ruin it, but Antebellum has a very creative story concept, but for some reason the film seemed to drag, the acting, besides Monae seemed mediocre, and it just didn’t pull me in. Should you spend your hard earned cash on this film? SAVE YOUR CASH and MAKE THE DASH on this one! It is worth seeing, but wait until its free!


Tenet Movie Review

Christopher Nolan, the well know director of awesome films such as Memento, Inception, The Christian Bale Batman Movies, Dunkirk and Interstellar has struck again, with Tenet a mind blowing, cerebral, espionage film that has elements of James Bond and heavy doses of science fiction. John David Washington plays an unnamed CIA operative, who is recruited to help save the world after his own apparent demise. The action and fighting scenes are unique, creative and groundbreaking. I don’t want to reveal much about the plot, or the action pieces because this style of conflict and fighting has never been seen before. Christopher Nolan did his homework on how to pull this off before filming! There are so many things going on in this film, you may want to see it more than once, just to get a grasp on everything you are seeing. Should you Spend the Cash or Dash? Spend the Cash!

Project Power

Project Power, where did this hidden Saturday Matinee gem on Netflix come from? The film revolves around a pharmaceutical company pushing a drug called “Power” into the streets of New Orleans to do human testing. “Power” gives humans who take it superpowers for five minutes, sometimes with good results and sometimes with devastating after effects. The film is an allegory to the selling of crack and cocaine in black communities during the early 80s. It is also a reference to the government sponsored Tuskegee Experiment, where American scientist used blacks as guinea pigs to determine the effects of syphilis. A young high school girl, actress Dominque Fishback is pursued by a former soldier, actor Jamie Foxx who is trying to find the source of “Power”. Although the film has some traditional tropes and it has a B movie vibe about it, the visuals are great and the superpowered fight scenes are creative and brutal. The final battle itself was pretty cool, or I should say hot! Netflix ranges from $8.99-$15.99 depending on your package, and has tons of movies and shows. Should you spend the cash or dash on Project Power? Spend the Cash!