Doom Patrol

A few years ago, Marvel blew away fans of superhero films by presenting a series of streamed superhero shows on Netflix that had realistic portrayals of heroes, with actual consequences, trauma and adult situations. The DC Universe has followed along with DOOM Patrol. Set in a universe where the Justice League and Batman exists, Doom Patrol is an odd grouping of individuals with powers that have traumatic experiences that led to their acquisition of powers. They are not really a superhero team, but a band of misfits that are recovering from their emotional and life altering experiences under the care of their Chief. The team consists of the Robot, a former Nascar driver, Larry Trainor, a former Air Force Pilot, Crazy Jane, a young twenty something with 64 personalities, Rita Farr a former actress, and the well known hero Cyborg. Under the care of The Chief, these five people try to heal their mental and emotional issues, while dealing with their tragic pasts, and present, and the various supervillians that pop up that are not necessarily after them, but their leader The Chief. The show is very quirky, dark and character driven, but it doesn’t take itself seriously whatsoever. I blew through the first season and a half in a few days! The first season villain, Mr. Nobody was hilarious. To me it is kind of a mix of THE BOYS and Umbrella Academy. It isn’t better than The Boys, but I like it better than the Umbrella Academy! If you are into this genre then definitely SPEND THE CASH!

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