Walking Dead: World Beyond

Okay, I am probably one of the few that is still watching The Walking Dead. I think the original series needs to hang up the hat now, and the spin offs shouldn’t be too far off. Walking Dead: The World Beyond is a new spin off of The Walking Dead, this show is just bad for a Walking Dead series. If this was Riverdale, or some other Teen Romance, show it would fit in, but watching this show is like watching a cross of Saved by the Bell and Walking Dead. The show centers on two teenage sisters that live in well off community during the zombie apocalypse and they are able to go to school have parties and all the good stuff, the original Walking Dead cast dreams about. Their dad who is working with a secret community maybe in trouble, so along with two other friends they venture out on a 1,481 mile trek from Nebraska to New York to find him. Never mind that they have real supplies, nor do they seem to take the Walkers, or as they call them Empties seriously. The four episodes I have watched so far, have spent more time with teen brooding, talking and flirting than actual action. The only interesting thing about the show so far has been the tie in with the CRM, Civic Republic Military, which seems to be crossing all three Walking Dead shows. Beyond that however, this show is a dud! I am Dashing from this one!

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