Hamilton the Review

Hamilton the world renowned Broadway Musical has made it to Disney Plus. Despite all of the hype, I was skeptical, because I admit I am not a big musical person. Now I will say that the West Side Story is my favorite musical of all time, and I have seen some good productions, but seeing a musical is not at the top of the list. Well I sat down and watched Hamilton, and it is OUTSTANDING, FANTASTIC, and REMARKABLE! Lin-Manuel Miranda, the center piece of the musical as Hamilton is also the creator, story writer composer and actor! The entire cast of Hamilton was amazing! Hamilton is the most exciting history lesson I have ever experienced, and I am a former Social Studies teacher! The musical uses creative combinations of rap, singing, rhythmic music and dance to tell an engaging and thorough review of the story and legacy of Alexander Hamilton one of the Founding Fathers. The musical story was so entertaining, I was bouncing and dancing on the couch for the entire two plus hour run time. Not only was it entertaining, but it peaked my interest in delving more into the history of Hamilton. This is how history should be taught! Grab a seat and SPEND THE CASH on Hamilton!

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