Antebellum Movie Review

The movie trailer for this film streaming on On Demand intrigued me, so I willing plunked down $20 to my internet service provider, so my wife and I could check it out. Antebellum stars Janelle Monae who plays a character called Eden, an enslaved black woman picking cotton on a plantation in the deep South during the Civil War. She endures a number of abuses at the hand of the General, and the underlings under his command. The film sets up like a classic movie showing the atrocities of slavery during the Civil War era until, Eden has a flashback and she is in modern day America with her family, hosting speaking engagements and living a very comfortable life! Record scratch, is this the Twilight Zone?! The idea behind this alone was the best part of the movie. I won’t ruin it, but Antebellum has a very creative story concept, but for some reason the film seemed to drag, the acting, besides Monae seemed mediocre, and it just didn’t pull me in. Should you spend your hard earned cash on this film? SAVE YOUR CASH and MAKE THE DASH on this one! It is worth seeing, but wait until its free!


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