The Boys

You may be missing the best show on television right now if you are not watching The Boys on Amazon Prime! The Boys is a superhero show unlike anything you have ever seen! This is not DC, with Justice League, nor is this your family friendly Marvel Universe. This is a downright horrifying reality, that is the most realistic portrayal of superpowered beings that have ever been seen in movies or television! The reality in this world is centered on the idea that superpowered people exist in the United States and are controlled by a corporation called Vought. America’s most powerful superheroes are called the 7, and they go on missions, make movies, go on speaking engagements etc. It all seems good, until you realize there is a dark underbelly to their business. Just like people in real life the so called superheroes are people who indulge in their wildest whims because they have the power to do so, and a powerful corporation to cover up their shameful and even murderous activities. The protagonist in the film is a normal manned named Hughie, who is a gentle soul who has a girl friend. After the first ten minutes into season 1, his entire world and view of his superheroes is turned upside down. During season 1, he attempts to right the wrongs that were done to him by doing the right thing, but he eventually teams up with a group of deadly normal misfits, and things go from bad to worse. Season 2 continues Hughie’s misadventures as he struggles to stay alive and do what is right although he is up against America’s most powerful superheroes.

This is not a show for kids! There is gratuitous sex, violence and mayhem throughout the various episodes, yet there are some funny moments despite the gruesome factor. Unlike the movies, cartoons, and comic books, The Boys shows you the true effect of what being struck, hit or lasered by a superpowered person can do to the human body. If you are squeamish, this show may not be for you. This show is a combination of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dark Night, and a funny comedy rolled into one, and I love every minute of it. Its fun watching the show and being terrified whenever the good guys show up! Definitely SPEND the CASH on this one!

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